Saturday, March 22, 2014

Learn Php

    Dive into the world of Php and learn basic scripting to dynamic database creation development and handling. Become proficient in mapping, routing, mvc and much more. Websites such as FaceBook and WordPress both of which do not use Php Frameworks in which the Php creator Rasmus Lerdorf explains are burdensome, over developed, difficult, overloaded and slow using too many tools that replicate what the servers do automatically.

Learn Html and Css

With today's new Mobile technologies comes the need for Templates that make use of Computers as well as Tablets and Mobile Phones of various screen resolutions and sizes. Find important Links to sites that teach or offer you Templates or know how to further your development ambition. Html and Css can be easily developed and tested within your own browsers such as  Internet-Explorer, Chrome, FireFox and many others. It helps to know the ins and outs of Html and Css in order to learn Php scripting because Php has the ability to alter, manipulate, create, and Parse any and all Html Scripts. 

Learn File System Management

With all code languages comes the need to manage all your files and folders into what will become your future websites. Everything from Social to Online Banking can be an exciting business or a hobby for anyone. We sometimes think you have to have the mind of a scientist to learn these scripting languages but this is far from the truth.

Mapping A Website

Mapping is your "Idea" or what you expect your website or application to ultimately do. How will it operate ? Will it have Members ? Or will it be a shopping site using Sessions Users ? How many Pages will it have ? Will it Grow or Change over time ? All these things make up the Mapping Stage. Mapping will be your ideas put into Links, Pages, Forms and Action Scripts for handling Data inputs and outputs. 

Creating Your Own Php Framework

All a Framework does is to organize all your websites files and folders in a way so you can have control over the building process. A way in which you can remeber where everything goes and how it all works. Websites such as Facebook do not use a Php Framework but it is organised into it's own Framework in a sense in which the Creator could successfully change, correct and or grow his website into a Social Empire.   

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